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Kobkiat Global Co Ltd

We are manufacturer and supplier of
high energy oil & fat products.

  • Oils & fats for the cosmetic & beauty industry
  • Oils & fats for the feed industry
  • Oils & fats for energy market, biodiesel

About us

Kobkiat Global Co., Ltd is a Thai based successful privately owned group of companies, active in a wide spectrum of global industries and raw material markets.

The company has tailor-made solution for its customers. Kobkiat Global Co.,Ltd is a global, supplier of high energy oil & fat by-products, in the vegetable & animal fat sector. Our high standards of quality & service, have given Kobkiat Global Co., Ltd a world-wide great reputation in it’s field.

Kobkiat Global Co., Ltd has specialized itself in three important sustainable key industries:

  • Oils & fats for the cosmetic & beauty industry
  • Oils & fats for the feed industry
  • Oils & fats for energy market, biodiesel

Cosmetic & beauty Industry:

Kobkiat Global Co.,Ltd products, are used in medical and pharmaceutical and personal care preparations, mainly as a means of improving smoothness, providing lubrication and as a humectants.

Feed industry:

Farm animals must be especially healthy and capable of top performance. Our comprehensive and highly specialized product range comprises fat powders, liquid fats, lecithin’s, enzymes, special lipids and linoleic acids, for ruminants, pig, fish industry. We prove the efficacy of our products by cooperating closely with independent research institutions and farms. The results of the scientific studies prove that our products bring considerable economic benefits.

Research & development, application technology is done in Europe, production takes place in Thailand, from there, our products are dispatched worldwide. From the purchase of raw materials to production and delivery of the goods, we guarantee and control quality, confirmed by internationally recognized certifications, like GMP HACCP.

Energy market:

Kobkiat Global Co Ltd collects your secondary oils & fats, our collection service will pick up the containers at pre-agreed time.

Once the secondary oil has been collected and treated, we can recycle the waste to produce feedstock for the production of bio-diesel.

Kobkiat Global Co., Ltd is fully ISCC certified, has it’s own & largest fleet of cars & trucks, fully track able by GPS.

Kobkiat Global Co., Ltd has all systems in place to electronically track secondary oils on your behalf, so you can easily report to your local authorities.

Kobkiat Global Co., Ltd has its own internal lab to check the daily deliveries & work with external labs, to retain the highest international standards. The strict licensing standards of our operators and drivers means we will deliver the highest level of operational safety, quality and compliance to our customers.

We are fully certified, to most key markets around the world, for quality, environment and occupational health and safety, and operate under an externally certification bodies.

Other industries:

Paper, leather, photography, printing, coating, metal processing rubber and many other industries / applications

For export/sales information on any of our products, please mail us your details and we will call you back.

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